Outpatient Knees

Outpatient knee replacement also known as same day knee replacement means you will be in our surgery center for less than 24 hours. From surgery to Physical Therapy to walking out the door in less than 24 hours. Our private overnight rooms are available to you and your family. Although many patient complete their Physical Therapy and go home the same day as there surgery. Allowing you to begin your recovery from the comfort of your own home. The newly remodeled Beacon Orthopedic Center offers a new state of the art surgical suite. The surgery, and surgical team are the same you would receive in the hospital.

Tourniquetless Total Knee

It is common to use a tourniquet above the knee during total knee arthroplasty. A tourniquet is a device that applies circumferential pressure around the extremity. It is inflated to a desired pressure to help control bleeding during surgery. However there are several downsides to usage of a tourniquet; increase thigh pain following surgery, increased risk of soft tissue or nerve damage, ischemia, and temporary reduction in muscle strength and range of motion (ROM). Without a Tourniquet patients have reported less thigh pain, faster muscle function and Greater ROM. The elimination of a tourniquet also reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis with equivalent blood loss.

Quad Sparing Technique

The Quad Sparing technique allows for a smaller incision and the quadriceps tendon will not be cut, nor will vital muscles and tendons be manipulated. The Quadriceps is one of the most important muscle in the leg. The quadriceps tendon sparing technique provides less postoperative pain, less scarring, less blood loss and faster recovery. It allows the same implants to be placed but you are allowed to be walking much sooner without a walker.

Multimodality Pain Management

Improvements in pain management have allowed patients to require less narcotics and return to activity sooner. This begins in the pre-op area on your day of surgery. The anesthesiologist will place an adductor canal regional block. The anesthesiologist will next place a spinal (regional anesthesia). During the surgery Dr. Chaudhary will inject the soft tissues around the knee with a mixture of Toradol, Morphine and Bupivacaine. The combination of these three steps significantly improved post operative pain control. Prior to discharge each patient will undergo enhanced satisfaction for pain control. Each patient is unique and will need a combination of Narcotics, Tylenol and anti-inflammatories.

Rapid Recovery

Rapid recovery begins at the preop visit. You and Dr. Chaudhary will discuss your ideal surgical location and the road to recovery. This begins with selecting an outpatient knee replacement. Outpatient knees allow you avoid the headache of the hospital and begin your recovery in the comfort of your own home. The next part of rapid recovery is the Tourniquetless total knee arthroplasty. Eliminating the Tourniquet cuts own on post-operative thigh pain allow the healing process to begin during the surgery. During the surgery Dr. Chaudhary with use a Quad Sparing technique allowing for less postoperative pain, less scarring, less blood loss and faster recovery. With multimodality pain management less narcotic will be needed. ┬áThe final part of rapid recovery is physical therapy you and your therapist will work through Dr. Chaudary’s protocol to get back to your hobbies and work sooner.

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